Make It In 5 Minutes, Drink It For 5 Days And Lose 6 Pounds!

Our take:Another lemon water drink for weight loss. If you replace your colas, sugary sweet drinks by drinking the lemon juice as shown here you will lose weight. In our weight loss endocrinology clinic, we have this poster pasted in each doctors exam room: 7 side effects of soda.

This drink is a fastest way to loose weight, and it’s amazing because your weight doesn’t comes back! Here’s how to prepare it:Ingredients

A bunch of parsley
1 lemon
A cup of water


Chop the parsley finely, squeeze the lemon juice in it and then add the water

Make It In 5 Minutes, Drink It For 5 Days And Lose 6 Pounds


Drink this drink in the morning, before breakfast on an empty stomach for 5 days, and then take e 10 day break. It will help your body to burn fat fast and at the same time make your body full of vitamins and minerals. Parsley gets rid of excess fluids in our bodies and improves digestion.

In just 5 days you should lose six pounds. If you don’t like lemon juice, you can add the parsley in a cup of low-fat yogurt. Drink this in the afternoon, and lemon water in the morning. You’ll loose weight before you even notice and you’ll feel fresh and better than before.

However, this drink won’t burn calories if you combine it with junk food throughout the day. It is advisable to follow a healthy diet plan to improve the results and create a healthy effect on long terms.


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